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Hardscape​ Services

Hardscapes are as important as the overall aesthetics of your landscape as your choice of plant material. Well placed walkways and sitting areas throughout your property provide ways to move through and appreciate its beauty.

Walkways/ Pathways

Walkways are important to connecting different focal points in the landscape. Many options are available when choosing the shape, dimensions, and color of the materials you are looking for. Perhaps a formal garden walkway involving straight lines and right angles, or an informal walkway that allows curves. Curb appeal and safety are important to consider when creating a backyard pathway. Our team will assist you on what designs function best and will guide you in your selection of material including gravel, brick pavers, stone, or concrete.


Patios can range from practical and contemporary to calming and traditional. Our team can design a patio to be an impressive place to socialize or an escape to a solitary retreat with a wide selection of materials to choose from.

Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls are used to bound oils between two different elevations in areas of the landscape. Retaining walls though attractive and strong need to operate as intended. They must be compromised of appropriate materials built by quality contractors. True South has the expertise you're looking for so your retaining wall will sustain both excellence and distinction for many years to come. 

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